Lead Product

Lead Product

Preventing and Treating AMR Resistant Topical Infections Utilizing Novel Sustained Release Phage Spray and Patch Systems

Lead Product – Prevention of Topical AMR Infections:

Sustained release topical designed to prevent AMR infections, with a first indication of significantly reducing pressure ulcer infections (later, labelling for this product will be expanded to include wound care, burn care, and possibly a role in diabetic ulcer care). 25% of all patients in bed for more than 7 days gets a bed sore. According to TMR analysis, in 2017, the sales volume of pressure ulcer treatment market alone was about US $4.54 billion. Due to the combined impact of aging population and antibiotic resistance, it is expected to grow to US $7.13 billion by 2026. The problem of pressure ulcer infection is very serious.

Lysigen Lead Products - Treatments for Eczema and Acne:

Important Second Product – Eczema Treatment: 

Treatment of the itching/infection associated with eczema. We will initially develop an RX hospital product and latter a room temperature TC product.

Important Third Product – Acne Treatment: 

First lysin to be developed to treat p.acnes. We will initially develop an RX hospital product that is combined with ClyO and latter a room temperature consumer product.

The Cost of Goods of Phagelux Products is Low:

Low COGs has three key benefits:

(1) End pricing will be attractive for health systems since it reduces hospital and insurance costs  (cheaper to use then not use).

(2) It is attractive to insurers since it will result in better patient outcomes at a low cost.

(3) Even if not reimbursed, it will be affordable to all patients in almost all global markets.

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