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Phagelux utilizes phages, lysins and other biologics and related delivery technologies to create novel antibacterial products and solutions. Phagelux particularly targets anti-microbial resistant pathogens. It has R&D centers in Montreal, Canada and Wuhan, China. The former is focused on bacteriophage products while the latter develops lysin products.

Phagelux has five products under various stages of development. The most advanced is our 14 phage cocktail to treat AMR infections in burn patients which is ready to start a phase one trial in Australia. This will be followed closely by our lead product which is a sustained release phage cocktail to prevent certain AMR infections associated with pressure ulcers. If clinical trials are successful for this indication, we plan to add labelling for the prevention of AMR infections in other indications.

Our lysin dedicated lab is working on several products that we believe will enter the clinic in 2021.

R&D Pipeline

Phagelux focuses on treating or preventing topical AMR infections.

Management Team

Mark Engel


Previously founded 4 successful life sciences companies

Dr. Nancy Tawil 

Chief Scientific Officer

Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering and Phage Expert

Dr. Assaf Raz

Lab Manager - Wuhan

Ph.D in Biology and Leading Global Lysin Expert

Sandy Li

Quality Manager

M.S. in Chemistry. Experienced in GMP

drug production

Dr. Iness Hammami

Vice-President, Research

Ph.D in Chemical Engineering.

10 years of experience in biopharmaceutical engineering

Board Members

Edward Hu

CO-CEO of WuXi AppTec

Aaron Yu

Managing Director at

 Investment Department of Fosun Pharma

Mark Engel

CEO of Phagelux


Jan.16, 2020  Phagelux CEO Mark Engel interviewed at JP Morgan Conference. Phagelux looks to raise $20M USD plus, primarily to fund clinical trials. Phagelux clinical programs will uniquely address very large antibiotic resistant pathogen targets.

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